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5/24/15 - We have been approached by several members of the community that want to help build "Kalon's House" which will be an adaptive house that will suit Kalon's needs so that he can live the most "normal" life possible. The Mayor of Pocatello has rallied several influential members of the community to start this project. It's going to be something that we will need a lot of help with and we have created a new GoFundMe page where people from everywhere can donate to him for certain needs of the house.



12/6/14 - Registration and event details are available for the 2015 Kalon Ludvigson Invitational. We look forward to seeing you there!



5/16/14 - Have you heard the latest update from Kalon? He is able to wiggle 3 of his left toes! Exciting news as he continues his recovery!

Here is an update on Kalon's mailing address, please discard any previous addresses you might have:

Kalon Ludvigson
215 La Valle Strada
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

Part of Kalon's injury gives him an extremely low blood pressure and he is on medication to help increase the circulation. Sometimes he passes out from the low pressure. Every morning Kalon also has a caffeinated drink to assist in the process so the Starbucks Cards are greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for your continued support, you really help Kalon stay focused on recovery!


3/16/14 - via KSL.com - Paralyzed tumbling champion makes first appearance since injury

3/12/14 - via International Gymnast Magazine: Gymnastics Stars Rally for Kalon Ludvigson

12/4/13 - It has been 17 weeks since Kalon's accident. Much has happened. From the trauma center at Geisinger in Pennsylvania, to the inpatient program at Craig Hospital to now the outpatient program at Craig, Kalon has learned a lot.

His strength has continued to improve and he is doing things that his level of ability should not allow him to. But the question on everyones mind; what is NEW? To this point there is nothing significantly "new" with his condition. He continues to have no fine motor movement in his fingers. He can move his wrists and pick up some items via "tenodisis". There is still no movement below his chest, but his arms are becoming stronger each day.

Kalon is in a manual wheelchair with power assisted wheels. He is able to transfer in and out of his chair with minimal assistance. Which is a huge improvement from when he arrived at Craig.

Is there still a hope for more recovery? Sure, there is always hope! Kalon is a fighter, and hopefully he can keep his fighting spirit as times are getting tougher.

Kalon was recently elected as the Athlete Representative by the athletes of the Trampoline & Tumbling Program for USA Gymnastics. He will serve for the next 4 years on the committee and will represent that athletes. The trampoline athletes from the World Championships Team nominated him, and he accepted. A huge honor and one that Kalon will serve well. As an athlete, coach and FIG Brevet Judge he will serve the athletes well.

What is next for Kalon? He will be leaving Craig Hospital on December 13th, and after traveling to a couple different cities, he will be returning home to Idaho, just in time for Christmas. Kalon is looking at a couple different rehabilitation centers throughout the country to possibly start in January 2014. But, that has not been finalized.

The 4th Annual Kalon Ludvigson Invitational is shaping up to be a huge celebration on Kalon's career and and support towards his recovery. Several Olympians are coming to support Kalon in his first public appearance.

As things change and life continues to move forward, its difficult to look towards the future and know what it holds. Kalon will have to build a new house that is adaptive to his needs as a quadriplegic. Many have asked what to send Kalon for Christmas. As he will be living in a brand new environment he will need a lot of new things. His favorite stores are: Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, IKEA and West Elm. It's time to BRING KALON HOME!

After December 5th no packages should be sent to Craig Hospital. Everything should be directed to an address in Idaho:

Kalon Ludvigson
1743 Walkabout Lane
Pocatello, Idaho 83204

Kalon wishes everyone a very happy holiday season and big thanks to everyone for continuing to support him!


11/10/13 - The missing man: American Kalon Ludvigson's absence felt at Sofia Worlds

9/23/13 - Another week has gone by, and still the love and support continues. We are now entering week 7 since the injury, and week 5 of rehabilitation in Colorado. Kalon continues to fight through the tough days. He is persistently working on whatever his team of therapists and doctors challenge him to.

What does the future look like for Kalon? It is still unclear what exactly will happen. But what is certain, he will need a lot of help and support throughout the upcoming months. Kalon will need a new vehicle that can accommodate his wheelchair. He will also need new living arrangements as his current residence in Idaho is not wheelchair accessible. The medical bills from the first hospital total $345,287.99 and then we are in progress at the second hospital now. There is a very good insurance policy in effect, but it does not cover the costs 100%.

I am sure you are all wondering, what does this mean? Will Kalon get better? Will he stay the same? The future is undetermined and there is no way to predict the extent of Kalon's recovery. What we do know is Kalon is a fighter and is staying strong. He does have bad days, and in those moments he uses your strength to get back up. He prays daily, and is so thankful for every form of support you are giving.

Family and close friends have been visiting, giving support and standing strong. Those who can't visit in person have been sending cards and flowers that cover Kalon's room. Many of you have been asking us, "What do you need, what can we send?" There are several things that Kalon has been doing to get through these difficult days:

  • Starbucks Gift Cards - He loves a morning boost to get his day started off right!
  • iTunes Gift Cards - Kalon has been reading and listening to music during his down times.
  • Rosetta Stone German - Kalon was scheduled to be attending school this semester, but since he is unable to, he would like to start learning German.
  • Cards - Nice little notes that let him know he is loved and supported through this!
  • Flowers - He loves Calla Lillies & Orchids

To send gifts, here is the address:
Craig Hospital
Kalon Ludvigson 329
C/O Guest Services
3425 S. Clarkson Street
Englewood, Colorado 80113 USA

Another great way to help Kalon is to:

Kalon is our hero, let's be his hero through this tough time and support him! Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity and a new challenge, Kalon will face it head on and not walk away.... will you?

Until the next update, keep praying and sharing!

Justen & Kalon


Brighten Kalon's room! Kalon has been moved to the East Wing of the Craig Hospital. He no longer has a roommate and is in a private suite.

Calling on the KALON NATION to help decorate his new room! Send flowers, cards or anything to brighten up his room and help him stay positive!

Craig Hospital
Attn: Kalon Ludvigson 329
C/O: Guest Services
3425 S. Clarkson Street
Englewood, CO 80113

Kalon Ludvigson, Support, Help, Donate, Updates