Kalon Ludvigson, Support, Help, Donate, Updates

Kalon Ludvigson Support, Help, Donate, Updates

We are so appreciative for the amount of support friends from around the world have shown Kalon and his recovery effort. While this list is in no way comprehensive, we would like to thank the following people:

  • Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA
  • Craig Hospital, Englewood, CO
  • Region 2 Trampoline & Tumbling
  • Region 3 Trampoline & Tumbling
  • Byron Smith and State Board Members, West Texas State Trampoline & Tumbling
  • Louisiana State Trampoline & Tumbling
  • Idaho's Hometown Hero Medal
  • Amy McDonald, "Keep Calm & Pray for Kalon" t-shirts
  • Luisa Coppock Duffield, "Kalon Nation" bracelets
  • Alicia Piercey, Kalon Nation Pendant
  • Re-D-Fined Furniture
  • Stacey Champion, Champion Images Photography
  • Linda Laaker and CITT:
  • Everyone who has donated time, funds and support - thank you!